Why Does Every Canadian Business Need A GMB?

 Nowadays every customer is doing last-minute shopping, and most of them don’t to the depths of SERPs, the first thing they like, they buy it. This behavior affects the sales of all the sellers that are in the first, second, and third positions in the SERPs. To beat the top three results in Google SERPs you need to achieve position zero or Google’s feature snippet.  If you are struggling to rank on keywords that have a location name in them, you are competing for the GMB race to achieve position 0. What is a GMB and how to achieve the

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Why Make Your WordPress Website Mobile-Friendly?

Most businesses have their online visitors through mobile phones. But now the number of mobile users is increasing in with such agility that it’s mandatory to make the website mobile-friendly. Though there are some customers that are still stuck on the desktop to find the best of the products digitally. But the number of mobile users supersedes the number of desktop users.  Due to which all the WordPress development agencies are prioritizing to make the websites as much mobile-friendly as possible. In all the tricks that involve making the WordPress website mobile-friendly here are some of the most useful ones. 

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How Long Does SEO Take to Show Results?

Search engine optimization of a website is necessary in order for it to generate revenue. Nowadays most search engines favor only those websites that are user-friendly. This is a win-win situation for both the users and the webmaster, it prepares your website as a welcoming online platform and boosts traffic.  But all of these SEO efforts won’t bear fruit overnight, there are many. Basically, SEO is a conglomerate of many tiny efforts that in collective generate results. No matter how big the digital marketing agency is, no one promises overnight results to their clients. In order for SEO to generate

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