5 Benefits Of Upgrading To Magento 2

Upgrading To Magento 2

eCommerce took a huge hike during the 2020-21 period due to the restrictions put on the customers for not going out physically. Now, most of the businesses that were reluctant to go online are adopting the eCommerce trend. Due to this, even the best companies are facing tough competition from small eCommerce businesses. Even loyal customers are moving away from companies whose products they used to love. This is due to the quality of the products and ease of choosing and buying the products. Both of these features are provided by the Magento Developers using Magento-based eCommerce stores. 

eCommerce development has many platforms supporting all kinds of businesses. But Magento stands out in quality and sales generation among its competitors. Now, as Magento 2 is available more and more eCommerce businesses are declining to hire good Magento Development Agencies to boost their business. Following are the 10 benefits of Magento 2 that are attracting eCommerce businesses to upgrade. 

1- Magento 2 Is Scalable:

Magento 2 is the favorite of all the eCommerce businesses especially small eCommerce businesses because not every small business is going to be small forever. All the businesses chose a platform that has the capacity to scale as the business grows. In the same way, Magento 2 provides the eCommerce platform for all businesses that look forward to growing in the future. 

No matter if you have 50 products or 50 thousand products Magento 2 won’t fail you. Every eCommerce business looks into the future demand for the product they are selling. If the product has a future or its sub-products are going to be in demand in the future Magento 2 is the eCommerce platform for you. 

2- Magento 2 Has Improved Performance Than Magento 1:

The store performance of Magento 1 was criticized by most eCommerce developers, businesses, and customers. The store performance in Magento 2 has been significantly improved. Also, with the addition of Apache, Composer, and Symfony the stack has been incredibly changed. 

Other prominent features are the latest PHP versions, and the eCommerce websites developed on Magento 2 are more secure. Moreover, the Magento 2 websites are faster than Magento 1 websites, due to minimized Javascript. Magento 2 also happens to be more mobile-friendly than Magento 1. 

3- Magento 2 Is SEO Friendly: 

It is mandatory for eCommerce websites to be search engine friendly. Being search engine friendly is the metric that testifies whether an eCommerce website is user-friendly or not. Search engines nowadays are more intelligent than ever. Prioritizing the users’ search engines rank only those eCommerce websites that are fast and keep the user interactive. Magento being fast and mobile-friendly satisfies both of these metrics and hence Magento websites perform better in SERPs. 

More features are being added to the Magento 2 websites such as better Schema markups, meta titles, and canonical tags optimization. Schema markups help eCommerce websites display their products in the featured snippets of the SERPs. These snippets help customers decide to make a purchase even before landing on the website. Eventually, it generates more sales in the eCommerce business. eCommerce websites have always struggled with the content duplication of the products but due to customizable canonical tags, this problem can be solved easily. 

4- Better Products Marketing On Magento 2 : 

Creating individual sale pages, and then ranking them demands a lot of effort. Magento 2 provides its users with the ability to optimize their product page with upselling and cross-selling features. These features are the power factor in eCommerce businesses for generating sales. 

Other features for the product pages are stock availability, price countdowns, price hiding, and free gifts and coupons. Earlier eCommerce developers had to go through a hectic routine to update the products and to mention the price countdowns. Now, eCommerce website managers can handle all these optimizations and marketing moves with one click. 

5: Magento 2 Is More Secure:

Magento 2 provides multiple levels of security optimizations from the login page to Google’s reCAPTCHA the options to make landing traffic feel secure the options are numerous. Other security advantages that Magento developers can benefit from include password prompts and PCI data security. This kind of check makes the website secure and for eCommerce, website security must be a priority. 

Two-factor authentication can give your admin-only accessible pages an extra layer of security to prevent intruders. For your customers add on a layer of SSL and keep your eCommerce store properly secure. Moreover, Magento itself keeps the security of its platform in check. They keep updating the Magento developers with the latest updates on security and other tools that could add an extra layer of security to your website. 

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