Freelance WordPress Developer Or A WordPress Development Agency?

To manage the WordPress website there are always two options for the webmaster one is to hire a freelance WordPress developer and the second is to hire the WordPress Development Agency. Both have benefits and it depends on the situation of your WordPress website how much and of what experience resources you would need.  Here we will discuss all the pros and cons of hiring one of the best WordPress development agencies in Toronto or a freelance WordPress developer. From budgets to the expertise that might be required to develop a customized WordPress website. Also, with the arrival of WooCommerce,

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Why WooCommerce Is #1 eCommerce Platform In Canada?

Recent times have made everyone shop online and this is making every business adapt to the best of the eCommerce platforms. Though many businesses go out of the box and choose to establish a whole new eCommerce platform. When making a new website that has the potential of being the best eCommerce website in the future people are mostly turned towards Magento and Shopify.  But if you want to keep your current WordPress website and to enhance it as an eCommerce powerhouse your first choice will be WooCommerce. WooCommerce is the first choice of all WordPress webmasters because it is

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Why Your Magento Website Is Not Ranking?

When the stops performing in the search engine result pages, the panic situation may occur on the webmaster’s end. The most optimal solution to ensure the performance of the website is to find the issues in the website. But whom to contact for the SERPs ranking problem? In this blog, we will try to understand why websites get stuck in the SERPs by taking a Magento website as an example.  Since it will be a Magento website so we stick to the eCommerce website ranking in the SERPs topic. Most of the issues being stated here are the issues that

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