Which Prestashop Modules Are a Must Have for Your Store

Prestashop Modules

Prestashop is like the special Lego set that lets you build your dream castle with all the cool features you want. Now, in this Lego set, the little pieces are called eCommerce modules.

These modules are like magical tools for your online shop. They help you do all sorts of things, from organizing your products neatly to making it super easy for people to buy stuff. It’s like having secret powers for your store.

Now, here’s the trick choosing the right modules is super important. It’s like picking the right toppings for your favorite pizza.

Each module adds a special flavor to your online shop. Want a cool discount strategy? There’s a module for that. Need a smooth checkout process? Yup, there’s a module for that too!

Think of these modules as your store’s superheroes each with a unique power to make your business awesome.

So, when you’re setting up your online shop with Prestashop, remember, that picking the right modules is like choosing the coolest team for your adventure.

It’s what makes your store stand out and shine in the big world of online shopping.

Keep reading and let’s explore it together.

Module 01: Prestashop SEO Module:

Say hello to the superhero of the PrestaShop world called the “Advance SEO Expert” module! This module is like a magical tool that boosts your online store’s game with search engines.

Let’s explore the awesome things it can do:


  1. Auto Pilot for Meta Titles and Descriptions: Easily set them up without any hassle, and it works smoothly in different languages too!
  1. Homepage Customization: Make your homepage pop by tweaking the Meta Title, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords.
  2. Category Page Boost: Automatically set the Meta Title and Meta Description for your category pages, making them shine in search results.
  3. Product Page Magic: For each product, set up a Meta Title and Meta Description with multiple options. It’s like having your own SEO assistant!
  4. CMS Page Perfection: Even your content pages get some love—automatic Meta Title and Meta Description using clever variables.
  5. Favicon Fun: Add a unique touch with a custom Favicon icon for your website.
  6. Keyword Wizardry: Admins can be keyword wizards, choosing the length and frequency of single, double, and triple words.

With “Advance SEO Expert,” your PrestaShop store becomes a search engine whisperer. It’s not just SEO; it’s SEO on steroids, turning your online space into a magnet for search engine love.

Module 02: Prestashop Friendly URL:

Meet the wizard that transforms your PrestaShop store’s web addresses—say hello to module number two, the Prestashop Friendly URL hero, also known as “Pretty URLs.” Brace yourself for a web address glow-up like never before!

What Pretty URLs Does for You:

  1. No More Numbers and IDs: Say farewell to those strange numbers and IDs in your web addresses. Pretty URLs give your product, category, and other store pages a clean and sleek look.
  2. Redirect Wizardry: It’s not just a makeover; it’s a smooth transition. Pretty URLs does a fancy 301 redirect dance, ensuring your old URLs gracefully lead to the shiny new ones, avoiding any confusion.
  3. You’re in Control: Ever wanted to be the boss of your URLs? Pretty URLs let you manually tweak them. Want to include or exclude category trees? You got it—it’s like being a digital artist for your website’s addresses.
  4. Ranking Guardian: Worried about losing your search engine rankings? Fear not! This plugin not only kicks out numbers but also tags and session IDs, making your URLs loved by users and search engines alike.
  5. Multilingual Magic: It doesn’t stick to one language or store. Pretty URLs speaks the URL language everywhere, making it your store’s linguistic genius.
  6. Brand New Feature: Hold on, there’s more! A shiny new feature—the URL tree option for category routes, adding an extra dash of sophistication to your Pretty URLs.

Get ready for a web address glow-up, where every URL becomes a digital masterpiece!

Module 03: Product Labels & Stickers:

Let’s add some pizzazz to your PrestaShop store with module number three—the Labels and Stickers Module, also known as “Product Labels & Stickers.” Imagine giving your products a snazzy makeover with labels and stickers that shout, “Look at me!”

Cool Features to Amp Up Your Products:

  1. Nametags for Products: Wanna showcase specific products? This module lets you slap on labels with both text and images, making your products pop in the crowd.
  2. Label Alignment Magic: No wonky labels here! Align them just right to ensure your products look sleek and professional.
  3. Organized Label Grid: Say goodbye to label chaos! Manage all your labels in one tidy grid. No more hunting around; labels and stickers have their own special spot.
  4. No Label Limit: Feeling extra creative? Go wild! There’s no cap on how many labels you can stick on a single product.
  5. Text Banners Bonus: Got some info to share? This module lets you add text banners, giving your products the perfect mix of style and substance.
  6. Smart Display Rules: Be a marketing whiz! Set rules to display banners or stickers based on specific conditions. Your products, your rules.
  7. Boost in Revenue: It’s not just about looking good; it’s about selling better. This module is your secret weapon for boosting those sales.
  8. Team Player: Plays well with others! Supports multiple stores (Multistore – supported) and speaks multiple languages (Multilingual – supported). Your global audience gets the same cool treatment.

It’s time to turn your products into the rockstars of your online store!

Module 04: Prestashop Product Designer:

Let’s chat about an awesome tool for your PrestaShop store – module number four, the Prestashop Product Designer, or “Custom Product Designer.” It’s not just a tool; think of it as a magical wand for creativity.

Cool Things It Does:

  1. Easy Peasy Interface: Imagine an interface as smooth as butter. That’s what this module brings to the table, making designing feel like a walk in the park.
  2. Design Magic for Any Product: Ever wanted to add your own touch to products? With this, you can add a design panel to pretty much anything. Let your customers be the artists on multiple sides of a product.
  3. Colors, Fonts, and Clip Art, Oh My!: Get ready for a design adventure – add custom fonts, and colors, and dive into an image gallery filled with clip art. It’s like having a digital art studio at your fingertips.
  4. Admin’s Rule Book: If you’re the admin, you’re the boss of the design studio. Control how many images and text elements customers can add. It’s like setting up your own creative guidelines.
  5. Gallery or Upload – Their Choice: Customers can either pick cool stuff from a gallery or go wild and upload their own images. And when their masterpiece is ready, download it in fancy print-ready formats like JPG or JPEG.
  6. No More Flash Drama: Forget about Flash – this module uses modern tech like HTML and Javascript, making the design process smooth and fancy.
  7. Price Tag Magic: Admins can put a price tag on each design element. Users can go all out, adding as much text and as many images as they want. There’s even a fancy dynamic pricing thing going on.
  8. Design Limit Zone: Admins can set limits on the design area, giving customers a creative space without going too crazy. And for those who can’t decide, throw in some “Design Ideas/Templates” – a one-click wonder to turn a concept into reality.

Bonus: It’s super friendly – works on any device, speaks many languages, and plays nice with multiple stores. The Prestashop Product Designer isn’t just a tool; it’s your store’s creative playground.

Module 05: Prestashop Blog Module:

Let’s shine a spotlight on the superstar of your PrestaShop blog – module number five, the Prestashop SEO module, also known as “Blog SEO Rich.” It’s not just a boost for your blog; think of it as giving your blog a VIP pass to the SEO party.

Cool Things It Does:

  1. Breadcrumb Magic: Want to guide your readers like a pro? “Blog SEO Rich” lets you decide if you want breadcrumbs (those helpful navigation trails) to be seen or stay behind the scenes.
  2. View Vibes: Fancy a different look for your blog? You got it! Choose between list or grid views – it’s like changing the outfit for your blog.
  3. Layout Choices: For the layout enthusiasts, pick a style – two columns on the right, two on the left, three columns, or go all out with the full-width theme. Your blog, your rules.
  4. Post Quantity Control: Don’t want to overwhelm your readers? No worries. Set how many blog posts appear on each page, keeping things just right for your audience.
  5. Eye-Catching Details: Make your blog posts pop! “Blog SEO Rich” lets you display the date, breadcrumbs, and a ‘Read More’ link – creating a path of curiosity for your readers.
  6. Sort it Out: Keep things organized. Sort your blog posts however you like – by date, popularity, or any other way that fits your storytelling.

In the PrestaShop blog world, “Blog SEO Rich” is like the superhero making your blog shine. It’s not just a module; it’s the director’s chair for your blog’s blockbuster performance.


As we wrap up our Prestashop adventure, let’s talk about the real heroes: eCommerce modules. These tech wizards are like the secret sauce in your online store to make everything smooth and snazzy. 

They’re not just tools. You can think of them as the cool friends who turn a regular hangout into a party. 

However, picking the right Prestashop ecommerce modules is like choosing the perfect teammates for a game. They transform your store into a friendly, customer-loving space. 

So, as we bid adieu to our PrestaShop journey, remember, these modules aren’t just helpers but the magic that makes your online shop shine.

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