Top 10 eCommerce Marketplaces in Canada

Top eCommerce Marketplaces in Canada

The global eCommerce market has developed rapidly in the past decade. The pandemic accelerated this development. Due to its large digital population, Canada is an important market from the eCommerce perspective. The below figure shows the internet penetration rate in Canada.

Source: Statista

With more than 90% of the population having access to the internet, there is no doubt that eCommerce stores expect a sizeable return on their investments. The below figure shows the monthly eCommerce retail sale value in Canada.

Source: Statista

Due to the high potential, there is a high number of online shopping platforms in Canada. Of course, not every eCommerce marketplace is equal. While some place the customer at the center of every process, others only exist to mint money. Therefore, it is imperative customers only buy from reliable eCommerce marketplaces. Online fraud can be financially devastating and decrease user trust in online transactions.

This article discusses the top 10 eCommerce sites in Canada.

Top 10 Canadian eCommerce Marketplaces


The online retail giant has positioned itself as the top platform in almost every country. Users prefer Amazon for its ease of use, wide choice, and fantastic deals. For instance, with Black Friday and other events around the corner, Amazon has already started amazing deals. What do Canadians use Amazon.ca for? The statistic below provides some valuable insights.

Source: Statista

According to this statistic, 65% of consumers use it to buy electronics.


Amazon.ca has a smaller product range as it is only focused on the Canadian market. However, it is nothing to worry about. Canadians can easily order from Amazon.com, but only with certain drawbacks. First, the shipping time and charges will undoubtedly be higher. Secondly, the buyer may be subject to tax and customs duties.


The Best Buy store is on the same level as Amazon due to its excellent product range and customer service. Buyers mostly use Best Buy for electronics and appliances. What we love about this eCommerce store is its ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ feature. Users can pay in installments without incurring an annual percentage rate (APR). However, users must pay within the specified time to avoid APR. It also has a membership program that gives users amazing discounts, including 20% off on hardware repairs.


Although it is another American retail giant, Walmart Canada has established itself as a top eCommerce store in Canada. Its standout feature is the Walmart Delivery Pass. It allows consumers to enjoy the same prices online as in-store. Customers can get free next-day delivery. The monthly payment is $8.97/month, while the annual payment is $89/year. The payment does not include the applicable taxes.


If you are a tech enthusiast looking for a computer part or any other tech hardware, your search ends at newegg.ca. Although it does offer other products, it is famous mainly for electronic and technology products. Check out its ‘PC Builder’ feature, which allows users to build and customize each PC component. Remember that newegg.ca is not responsible for ensuring the components are compatible.


Most eCommerce platforms try to capitalize on the tech and electronics niches as they are perceived to be the most profitable. However, well.ca has established itself as a leading eCommerce store without having anything to do with tech or electronics. It is an online health and wellness marketplace in Canada. You can buy vitamins, supplements, personal care products, and more.


The Bay or Hudson Bay is another well-established online shopping platform in Canada. It offers fashion, wellness, and home living products. If you have a Hudson Bay Mastercard, you can get free delivery. If you have trouble getting orders delivered online, you can order online and pick up the order from curbside in as little as 3 hours. It also offers access to a professional stylist who can help you choose the best product for your requirements.


Don’t confuse this store with an online tire retailer only, as it offers much more. It sells outdoor, hardware, and automobile-related products. The company values sustainability and responsible behavior. It has set up a dedicated webpage to inform customers where to take their products for recycling purposes. It also has a rewards program called Triangle Rewards. It lets you earn Canadian Tire Money (CTM) on product purchases. You can then use the CTM online or in-store. You can also loan tools as a part of its Loan-A-Tool program.


This is a popular platform for people looking to buy and sell used items. Users can buy from eBay without creating an account if the order is less than $5,000, and it can be bought using the ‘Buy Now’ feature. For other products, users will need to create an account first. For some products, users may have to bid. The highest bid wins the item.


If you want to construct your home from scratch or undertake renovations, visiting Home Depot is a wise choice. It is the largest retailer of construction and home improvement products. To help individuals and businesses manage the costs, Home Depot offers credit services. It helps the buyer complete the purchase without worrying about paying the entire cost upfront. For instance, the Project Loan gives up to a $50,000 loan, which you can pay within six months without any APR.


These are the top 10 eCommerce marketplaces in Canada. If you want to buy something online, we recommend searching on these platforms first. They are reliable and have a seamless returns process. It will streamline your online shopping experience and help avoid any online mishaps.

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