How To Find Out What Theme A Website Is Using?

What Theme A Website Is Using

Many times when roaming around the web we stumble upon awesome websites that grab our attention to the point that we begin to sort out how they made this website. In the quest of finding answers to this question often we try to find out the theme or the platform the website is made on. 

Usually, web development companies get instructions from the client with a reference to a website. Most clients are impressed with their competitor’s Web Design and expect to replicate the elements of the website. In this case, it’s mandatory to analyze the website, the platform it is made on, and the themes the website is using. For this following are the methods that you can use to determine. 

How to Find Out What Theme WordPress Is Using?

WordPress themes are easy to find out for both developers and laymen. Though there are tools that you can use to find out the themes of the WordPress website, you have to make sure that it is a WordPress website. Once you are sure that it is a WordPress website you can use tools like:

1- Built With:

Built With is a paid tool that is considered the most revealing tool among all the website discovering tools. You can start by putting the URL in the tools’ search bar and it will reveal the template’s name, plugins being used by the website, the server that is hosting the website, email services the website is using, payment providers for the website, all the frameworks being used by the website and other CSS and JavaScript libraries. 

2- W3Techs:

W3Techs is just like Built With but better, as it shows the popularity of the technologies being used by the website. W3Techs also gives you a vivid idea of the traffic of the websites using the same technologies as the website you are searching for. 

3- Kinsta:

Kinsta is a tool that is free and works just fine for WordPress websites and for those who are curious about the themes other WordPress websites are using. In the information category, Kinsta shows the name and versions of the theme being used in the WordPress website. Moreover, you can also find out the Theme URL that this tool fetches from the CSS file and the version of WordPress that’s being used to run it. 

This information might not amaze the customer but it’s very useful for WordPress Developers theme’s version and the version of WordPress is very useful. Many problems of procuring the client’s demand start from the version and get solved by updating the version. 

How To Find Out Theme Of the WordPress Website Manually?

Many times there are restrictions for the developers or sometimes you just want to go deep into the data. This is where finding out the WordPress theme manually comes in handy. To find the theme of the website you would have to access the style.css file. To access this file you need to access the source code by going to element inspector. Inspect the source code page and keep scrolling up to the line where you can find the following:
<link rel=’stylesheet’ id=’dashicons-css’  href=’https://www.yazlo.ca/wp-includes/css/dashicons.min.css?ver=5.5.7‘ type=’text/css’ media=’all’ />

Click the URL and open the style sheet file of CSS at the top you will find the name of the theme. 

How To Find Out What Theme A Shopify Website Is Using?

When building a store on Shopify you have to get inspiration from other websites. If you want the eCommerce website development client will recommend the Shopify website that impresses him. In both scenarios, it’s good to know what theme a Shopify website is using. For that, there are several methods and tools through which you can identify the theme. 

How To Find Shopify Theme Manually?

Manually finding the Shopify theme comes in handy when you are not sure if it’s a Shopify theme or a custom-built Shopify website design. Now to find the name of the Shopify theme manually go to the website and access its source code. Another page will open with HTML code, you will have to look for the phrase “Shopify. theme”. This will take you to the set of lines with all the details about the theme of the Shopify website. 

Finding the name is the first step, when searching for the theme also add the theme id. The theme id will be given next to the theme name in the source code. If there isn’t a theme name or ID it’s a sign that the Shopify website is designed by an eCommerce web design company

How to Find a Shopify Store Theme With Tools?

There are a lot of good extensions that you can use with your web browser to find out what theme a Shopify store is using. This will save you the hassle of going through all the HTML code in the source code. Also, there are a few extensions that give you additional information about the theme that might be necessary for Shopify developers. Extensions won’t be able to identify the customized Shopify store themes. Because these themes don’t have an ID for that you will have to use the manual method. 

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