List of Top IT Companies in Toronto

List of top 10 IT companies in Toronto

Toronto is Canada’s leading tech hub. IT is a multibillion-dollar industry in Canada, with IT services alone accounting for $27.90 billion. The city boasts a plethora of IT companies that enjoy global recognition and contribute towards the city’s reputation as a tech hub. This article will highlight the top 10 IT companies in Toronto. Before doing so, let’s review the different types of IT companies.

Types of IT Companies In Toronto

1.      Software Companies In Toronto

These are companies that specialize in developing and maintaining software applications. They may focus on one or more areas, such as enterprise, web, or mobile.

2.      Consulting Firms

As the name suggests, they provide expert advice and guidance. The advice can be regarding new technology implementation or a specific issue.

3.      Managed IT Service Providers

They offer IT support and management services to other organizations. They will either manage the entire IT function or a specific part of it.

4.      Cloud Computing Providers

They provide cloud computing services to other businesses. The services include infrastructure and software.

5.      Data Analytics Companies

With the ever-increasing importance of data, there has been a growth in data analytics companies. They specialize in data management, including its analysis and interpretation.

6.      Cybersecurity Firms

Cybersecurity is a challenge for all organizations, big and small. These firms specialize in protecting an organization’s digital assets.

7.      Digital Marketing Agencies

Yes, digital marketing agencies are a part of the IT industry. They specialize in offering all types of digital marketing services, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, and content creation.

8.      eCommerce Solutions Providers

They provide eCommerce solutions like website development or specific eCommerce solutions like plugins and extensions.

9.      IT Training and Education Providers

They specialize in IT courses and certifications. Their purpose is to enhance the IT skills and knowledge of individuals and businesses.

10.  Hardware Manufacturers

Lastly, we have the hardware manufacturers. They manufacture devices such as servers, storage systems, routers, and more.

Toronto’s Top IT Companies

The following companies operate in different IT domains. They may not be of Canadian origin but have a strong presence in Toronto, Canada. Regardless of their domain, they are truly the best IT companies in Toronto.

1.      Yazlo

It is a leading digital marketing agency and web development company based in Toronto. Check out the full list of Yazlo’s services here. If you are looking for a quick but transparent way to boost your online presence, then Yazlo has you covered. It utilizes the latest techniques and tools to help you increase your visibility and gain an edge over your competitors.

If you need to upgrade your website or have one built from scratch, then you don’t need to go looking for a web development company. Yazlo offers comprehensive web development services, specializing in Magento, Drupal, Shopify, WordPress, and other leading platforms.

2.      IBM Canada

A company like IBM needs no introduction. It is one of the biggest players in the global IT industry. It offers a wide range of services, including cloud computing and data analytics. With a global presence, businesses can expect highly innovative and customized services. IBM Canada invests billions of dollars in research and development. It ensures that your business will always have access to top-quality digital services.

3.      CGI

It specializes in enterprise software solutions and IT consulting. CGI is a reliable partner if you require help with systems integration or infrastructure management. The company’s client-centric approach and commitment to quality have made it achieve a prominent position in Toronto’s IT landscape.

4.      Accenture

It cannot be confined to any specific IT area due to its wide range of services. Whether it is business process outsourcing or robotic process automation, Accenture offers everything. As a leading name in the IT industry, you can expect top-quality services personalized to suit your unique requirements. Nowadays, the company is fully vested in automation as businesses are increasingly looking to automate their repetitive and resource-intensive processes.

5.      iBytes

It is a robotic process automation and digital marketing company. By combining the two services, iBytes has been able to offer truly unique and innovative solutions. It utilizes the latest technologies to help clients navigate today’s complex digital landscape.

6.      Shopify

It is a leading eCommerce platform that allows users to create unique eCommerce stores in a matter of minutes. As Shopify is cloud-hosted, users don’t need to worry about infrastructure or any other technical aspect. You just focus on setting up your store while Shopify handles the rest. It would not be wrong to say that Shopify is synonymous with eCommerce, a testament to its popularity.

7.      Celestica

It specializes in advanced manufacturing and supply chain solutions. Customer reviews and a thorough industry analysis indicate that the company’s supply chain solutions indeed help businesses achieve true competitive advantage. Regarding manufacturing, it manufactures high-end products that have very specialized use cases. Celestica’s commitment to innovation and quality has made it a reliable name in manufacturing services.

8.      Telus

Telus is a leading IT and telecommunications company. It offers a wide variety of services, such as online security, home security, internet, and mobile. It has made a name for itself in cybersecurity and has been instrumental in helping individuals, and businesses save millions of dollars. With its strong focus on digital transformation, Telus has managed to expand its services portfolio.

9.      Vumetric

Digital transformation is not without challenges. As organizations embrace digitalization, they must deal with cybersecurity. Vumetric specializes in cybersecurity services such as cloud, application, and network security. These services ensure that your organization is compliant with relevant industry regulations, including the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

10.  OpenText

The company specializes in different areas, such as digital strategy, technology consulting, and software development. The company’s primary specialization area is information management. Cognizant helps companies manage their information in a streamlined manner and uses technologies such as AI to drive insights from it. If you search for IT consultancies in Toronto, it will be amongst the top names.


Toronto is a leading IT hub not just in Canada but globally. It houses some of the world’s renowned IT companies. If you are looking for IT services anywhere in the world, do check out the above companies. Whether it’s IT services, software development, or digital marketing, you will find the required company with ease.

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