Why Make Your WordPress Website Mobile-Friendly?

Most businesses have their online visitors through mobile phones. But now the number of mobile users is increasing in with such agility that it’s mandatory to make the website mobile-friendly. Though there are some customers that are still stuck on the desktop to find the best of the products digitally. But the number of mobile users supersedes the number of desktop users. 

Due to which all the WordPress development agencies are prioritizing to make the websites as much mobile-friendly as possible. In all the tricks that involve making the WordPress website mobile-friendly here are some of the most useful ones. 

Using A Responsive WordPress Theme:

Most webmasters prefer the design over the performance of the website. Later they suffer to rank in SERPs due to incremental bounce rate. To counter this problem with an aesthetically pleasing theme that is mobile friendly choose a theme that you love and make sure it’s a responsive one.

Developers often offer a choice to use the custom mobile website in order to make the WordPress website mobile-friendly. The beauty of the responsive WordPress website is that it never fails to present the content to the user. Disregard the user’s device the responsive WordPress website displays the content as it’s supposed to display. 

Don’t Use WordPress Plugins That Are Not Mobile Friendly:

WordPress plugins make the life of webmasters easy. They help you create, optimize and boost the content of your website. But they can be nasty anchors if not optimized for the mobile. There are webmasters that demand customized WordPress plugins development just to make sure that nothing is being a lag in their website. Of course, not everyone can afford such development on their website, that is why it’s better to choose the plugins that are pre-Mobile Friendly. 

Optimizing Images On The WordPress Website:

Images help the users understand the services or the products you are offering in an easy way. But if your website has too many non-optimized images this webpage will get laggy on the mobile end. Most of the users leave the WordPress website if there are too many images that are not being displayed. In fact, Google states the exact percentage of the bouncing off users to be 53%. These are the users that won’t stick to your website if the images are being laggy for more than 3 seconds. 

This is why it’s better to optimize your web images as much as you can. Test them in the mobile view and compress them as much as you can. Even after compression test the mobile view of your WordPress website in the tools to make sure. 

Befriend Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool:

Google presents the Mobile-Friendly Test Tool that explains all the elements on a website that adds up in the lag factor in the page speed. This tool also suggests the implementations that could enhance the WordPress website speed. Of course, the suggested implementations are not of the sorts that a webmaster could do all alone. If in need of professional consultation contact us we are the web development agency that enhances your website’s performance. 

Why Contact Yazlo For WordPress Website Optimization?

Mobile phones are advancing every day and every business is adapting to the movement. 

If a website isn’t fast enough people abandon the website and find a better one. Stop losing your traffic and customers to your competitors and hire the best WordPress development agency in Toronto for the best results. 

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