Freelance WordPress Developer Or A WordPress Development Agency?

To manage the WordPress website there are always two options for the webmaster one is to hire a freelance WordPress developer and the second is to hire the WordPress Development Agency. Both have benefits and it depends on the situation of your WordPress website how much and what experience resources you would need. 

Here we will discuss all the pros and cons of hiring one of the best WordPress development agencies in Toronto or a freelance WordPress developer. From budgets to the expertise that might be required to develop a customized WordPress website. Also, with the arrival of WooCommerce, there might be a need for Customized WooCommerce Plugins development. So, here are all the aspects in detail.

Hiring A Freelance WordPress Developer In Canada:

Since it’s a Canadian diaspora so the chances are that you will hire a canuck who has skills and experience in WordPress development. One of the most significant advantages of hiring a Canadian freelance WordPress developer over a WordPress agency is that it will cost way less. However, there are freelance WordPress developers that cost more than others. But in general, most WordPress developers can cost you a couple of thousand dollars at max. 

When hiring a WordPress developer the chances are that you would need only a few tweaks to your WordPress website. For that, you probably won’t hold the developer for much longer, and the time period of employing and expense of a WordPress developer will be shorter. 

With that being said let’s move to the drawbacks of hiring a WordPress developer. Hiring a Freelance WordPress developer means that you have a one-man army. Only one developer is doing it all and everything is upon their shoulder, the hired freelancer is the front-end developer and the backend developer. This could get a little messy and overwhelming regarding tasks being assigned and the delivery of results. Due to this reason, the time of development can vary to the maximum making it difficult to achieve big tasks in time. 

Hiring A WordPress Development Agency In Canada:

The biggest perk of hiring a WordPress development agency is that they have the solution for every WordPress-related issue. The options are limitless and they offer you the best ones keeping the performance of your website as a priority. Also, since they have a team of WordPress developers so they won’t go short on UI/UX developers. 

There are very few chances of failure due to the established flow of processes. Every task is assigned to a team and reviewed by a team leader to ensure the success of the task. After that everything gets checked by a QA or Quality Assurance officer that ensures the performance of the website over time. Also, the WordPress development agency will never disclose any information about your project. This is not the case in hiring a freelancer as they are not bound by any legal agreement with you.

Also, the WordPress Development agency can provide you the personalized solutions for your website. Be it the WordPress website design or the WooCommerce plugin development they can deliver a personalized solution for your problems.  

Though WordPress Agency has its own benefits there are also some disadvantages. Such as hiring a WordPress Development agency for minor tweaks in the website is not a good idea. This will cost you much more. Adding in costs the WordPress Development agency always costs more than the freelancers. 

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