Why WooCommerce Is #1 eCommerce Platform In Canada?

woocommerce platform

Recent times have made everyone shop online and this is making every business adapt to the best of the eCommerce platforms. Many businesses go out of the box and choose to establish a whole new eCommerce platform. When making a new website that has the potential of being the best eCommerce website in the future people are mostly turned towards Magento and Shopify. 

But if you want to keep your current WordPress website and enhance it as an eCommerce powerhouse your first choice will be WooCommerce. WooCommerce is the first choice of all WordPress webmasters because it is the most affordable eCommerce solution. Following are the detailed reasons why most WordPress webmasters prefer WooCommerce:

WooCommerce Is Cost-Effective:

 WooCommerce prices outplay when compared to its competitors like Shopify and Magento. Magento developers are rare and hence are expensive, whereas WooCommerce developers are in abundance. One can easily find a good WooCommerce developer who can develop customized WooCommerce extensions that serve your website perfectly.

The best thing about WooCommerce is that small businesses can adapt to it, and yet have the cushion of expanding the eCommerce store. This expansion might not be possible if the eCommerce store is built on any platform other than WooCommerce. 

Search Engine Friendly platform

SEO plays a vital role in an eCommerce website’s success and if the website takes a switch between the eCommerce platforms the rankings of the website shuffle. This can cause the business to lose its girth in the competition and it can take several months to gain the momentum in the SERPs again. 

Since WooCommerce is an extension of WordPress that enables users to build a website that is easy to manage and is heavily equipped with features, the rankings only improve. WooCommerce adds in functionality with lossless SEO, on the contrary with add-on product descriptions, page titles, and image optimizations one can easily rank the products without much hassle. 

WooCommerce Adds Loads Of Features In Your WordPress:

The best thing about the eCommerce website for the users is that it can be used as a one-stop management tool for all eCommerce operations. This is exactly what WooCommerce does to your WordPress website. It loads your WordPress website with features that otherwise can be difficult to implement on a WordPress website. 

Some of the features that eCommerce websites must have and WooCommerce provides, are the following.

Variety of Payment Gateways:

Most e-commerce websites suffer from this problem when they sell amazing products but still, customers hesitate to make purchases due to lesser options of payment gateways. WooCommerce on the other hand enables your WordPress website to host customers and help them make payments through debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers, and Cash On Delivery. 

GeoLocation Trackers For Real-Time Price Analysis:
Wouldn’t it be amazing if the added prices being shown to the customers were automatically factoring in the taxes depending on the current policies of the customer’s location? WooCommerce makes this possible and helps you to show the exact prices to your customers. 

Customized WooCommerce Development:

Yazlo provides custom WooCommerce plugins Development services to add top-notch additional functionality to the website. Custom WooCommerce plugin development could be for websites that don’t find a one-stop solution in the WooCommerce plugin store. Though there are WooCommerce plugins for every task, why add 10 plugins when you can have all 10 functionalities in one Customized WooCommerce plugin? 

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